Enlightenment Intensive

A journey of exploration, healing and awakening.

Enlightenment Intensive - a journey of exploration, healing, and awakening

What Is This?

This is the foundation for your life. Who are you? What is life? Why are you here?

Profound, life changing work, this course is nothing less than the direct realization of the truth of who you are and what life is.

This is an experiential, subjective, and intense retreat; it is also the fastest method available to awakening and living your life with an open heart, deep purpose and authenticity.


There is no single definition for Enlightenment.

For the purpose of this retreat, however, we can describe Enlightenment as the realization of the truth of being. The truth of who you are. The same experience that thousands of people have attained over the centuries, and many have written about and shown the way.

What is the purpose to your life? Would you like to know? And would you like to experience this truth directly? Nobody can give you the answers; it only works when you uncover the truth for yourself. If it were possible to become Enlightened by reading a book, or listening to someone speak, we’d all be Enlightened by now!

For a spiritual description of Enlightenment, try reading this article at Wikipedia.org.

Important! While the article from Wikipedia refers to many spiritual and religious traditions, we are not associated with any specific tradition. One does not need to be spiritual or religious to benefit from this course. This is all about you! Not about something or someone outside of you.

Brief History of the Enlightenment Intensive

The Enlightenment Intensive was developed by Charles Berner in California in the late 1960s. He was working with groups of people and created a process where 2 people could talk and listen to each other for the purposes of understanding and clearing out personal issues. He called this 2 person communication process the dyad.

He noticed that the people who were getting the most benefit out of dyads were people who knew who they were, and the people who struggled or made little progress didn’t know who they were. (This is true for all forms of therapy, as it turns out.)

He then thought about using the question, “Who am I?” which is thousands of years old, in a dyad.

The last part of the puzzle came from his studies of Zen Buddhism – specifically the Rinzai Zen tradition of using an intense period of time meditating on a koan, or riddle, to break through the mind and into Enlightenment.

He combined the dyad, the instruction and the meditation-style retreat to create the very first Enlightenment Intensive.

Although he expected that it would take many Intensives for people to start having breakthroughs, people were having Enlightenment experiences on the very first weekend. The Enlightenment Intensive was born!

Brief History of the Gnostic Intensive

The Gnostic Intensive is a variation of the Enlightenment Intensive. It was created by Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski during the 1980s and it achieved it’s final form sometime in the early 1990s.

The biggest differences in the two techniques are that the Gnostic Intensive has a slightly different process than the Enlightenment Intensive, and the duration of the Gnostic Intensive is much shorter. The Gnostic Intensive is complete in a single day and does not require people to stay overnight at a retreat centre. They can come in the morning and complete the entire process before going home for dinner.

The benefits of this process are that it is easier to do, both physically and emotionally, and the experiences are easier to integrate into life afterwards. This makes the Gnostic Intensive more appealing to people who are just getting started with spiritual development and not necessarily looking for the “big bang” that can often occur on the longer Enlightenment Intensive.

The other advantage is that the success rate of the Gnostic Intensive can be higher than with the traditional Enlightenment Intensive, although the level of contact and energy release will not reach the same depths as on the longer version.

Either way, both Intensives are extremely valuable methods and should be considered by all serious seekers of spiritual truth.


Although two people may have an Enlightenment experience on the same instruction, such as “Tell me who you are?”, the benefit that each of them gets from that experience is very personal.

In general, the following benefits have been reported by many people who have taken the Intensive:

  • Happier!
  • A greater sense of life purpose.
  • The ability to connect more deeply with other people – family, spouses, children, partners, colleagues, and friends.
  • A greater ability to forgive themselves and others.
  • Overcoming fears. The fear of being alone, or not good enough, or of dying, etc.
  • Unconditional love. Being able to accept themselves and others unconditionally.
  • Peace of mind. Joyfulness! Happy for no reason.

Is This For Me?

Ultimately, this is a question that only you can answer.

You may feel that this is something that you want to do, but you may have some doubts or questions about it. This is normal!

If you are not sure if this is for you, or if you have any questions, please contact me and we can discuss whether or not this is what you are looking for.

Next Event

My next event will be a Gnostic Intensive, which is being held on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

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